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In a continually evolving industry, you want a partner with experience. With over 55 years of combined expertise in the worldwide filtration industry, Pure Filtration offers our clients service, solutions and results are unparalleled. We excel at working with our clients to analyze their unique business needs and deliver complete filtration solutions.

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Pure Filtration LLC

Pure Filtration was founded in 2018 to provide an alternative source for your filtration solutions than what was previously available in the global filtration market. Pure Filtration has a specific focus on the specialized market of filtration in the Mining, Chemical, and Industrial industries.

Some of the services we offer are:

• Fabric Testing (Full-size filter cloth testing on press units.)
• Filter Plate Designs (Standard or Custom)
• Supplier OEM Parts (At a competitive price.)
• Technical Assistance for Equipment Review (Optimize)
• Pilot Testing (On-site testing of press operation.)

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