Buy a Custom Filter Press in Dover or Portsmouth, NH, Servicing Globally

Buy a Custom Filter Press in Dover or Portsmouth, NH, Servicing Globally

Count on us to create a filter press that works for your business

You can trust Pure Filtration LLC to design and develop a high-quality filter press to meet your production goals. No two filter presses are the same. There are a lot of detailed requirements that need to be considered to ensure you end up with an efficient and optimized filter press. By establishing your goals, needs and available space, our team can create a filter press design.

We offer a variety of filter presses depending on the need of:

  • Cycle time
  • Cloth life
  • Slurry
  • Preference

Regardless of what your filter press needs are, we can meet them all. Contact us today to get started on your system design in Dover, Portsmouth, NH and across the world .

What goes into a filter press design?

A filter press should be designed based on the volume and type of slurry that needs to be dewatered. Our filter presses can be customized with the following:

  • Press sizes from 470mm to 1500mm
  • Filter plate quantity
  • Sidebar or overhead
  • Automatic washers
  • Drip trays
  • Fully automatic hydraulic plate shifting systems
  • Semi-automatic pneumatic plate shifters
  • Filter cake carts

We can also create a filter press design even if you don't know which specifications would work best with your current production levels. We'll work with you to design a filter press that's perfectly compatible with your business. Contact us now if you need filter press design assistance.