Need a Replacement Filter Plate in Dover or Portsmouth, NH?

Need a Replacement Filter Plate in Dover or Portsmouth, NH?

We carry a wide variety of filter plates

Filter plates are an important component of filter presses. They hold the filter cloths that separate the liquids from the solids during the process. There are different plate styles that are compatible with various filter press designs. Pure Filtration LLC supplies filter press plates in Dover and Portsmouth, NH and servicing globally .

When your filter press is closed, each filter plate seals together to create a mold that will hold the filtered solids. If your filter press plates are worn down, you won't be able to achieve the best seal for the filtration process. To order new filter plates or other parts, call 603-343-9200 now.

Choose the right filter press plates for your company

Choose the right filter press plates for your company

Each filter press is different. To meet those specifications, we carry various filter plate options. If you need...

  • Recessed chamber filter press plates
  • Diaphragm squeeze membrane filter press plates
  • Plate and frame filter press plates our team today.

Fixed membrane plates of any configuration available, Top Center, Corner, Center, Bottom Center. Fixed membrane plates are very common in the waste treatment and chemical industries because of their complete sealing around the welded edges which does not allow the squeeze, air, or water to escape into the chamber during filtration. They are a very reliable design.

Plate and Frame options available in a variety of sizes made for a variety of applications. Filtrate spigots available on request, open close, or three-way design.

Membrane plates with replaceable membranes for difficult application requiring high pressure squeeze, high temperatures, and abrasive slurries. Many designs available: corner feed, top center feed, bottom center or corner feed. Sizes 500 x 500mm to 3-meter x 4 meter.

Mixed pack "replaceable" membranes in center feed, corner feed, top center and bottom center feed available. The plates are unique and offer easy membrane replacement for those difficult chemical or mining operations. This design saves cost by not having to replace the entire plate if a membrane failure occurs. Membranes available in EPDM, TPE, Nitrile, Natural Rubber, or other. We have very large mining plates available on request.

Mining Mixed pack plates. These replaceable membranes are available for Metso, Lasta, Diemme, Delkor, FLS, Outotec, Siemens, Micronics, Tefsa, Larox Tower Presses, and other brands. Sizes can range from 1200mm to 3 x 4-meter plates.

Mining plates for most machines available: Diemme, Outotec, Ishigaki lasta, Micronics, Evoqua, FLS, JingJin, Metso, Matec, Mclanahan.