Get High-Quality Filter Press Cloths in Dover, NH and across the world

Get High-Quality Filter Press Cloths in Dover, NH and across the world

We're your worldwide filter cloth suppliers

Pure Filtration LLC offers a wide variety of filter cloths to fit any size filter press that is processing almost any type of slurry. Each filter press and the slurry that goes into it is unique, and Pure Filtration looks at each client individually to make sure they are providing the best possible cloth for their application. Filter cloths can have latex, if needed, can be made for a center feed or corner feed plate, and more.

We're the filter cloth suppliers you can count on in Dover, NH and across the world . Contact us today to order new filter cloths.

Avoid ordering the wrong filter cloths

Filter cloths are an integral part of your filter press because they capture all the solids that pass through it. When performing maintenance on your filter press, a team member should:

  • Check the cloths for tears and rips frequently
  • Check cleanliness to prevent waste from building up
  • Wash the cloths and filter press, as needed

For filter presses that require frequent washing, we recommend installing an automatic wash system.

Your business deserves committed filter cloth suppliers. Call 603-343-9200 now to speak with one of our team members about your filtration needs.

Filter Cloth with a latex edge seal for an Overhead Press

Filter Cloth for very abrasive Slurries.

Cornerfeed cloth with vinyl resistant neck material for abrasive slurries and a blue latex edge around the perimeter of the cloth to stop leaking or wicking of product

Centerfeed Cloth with vinyl neck and latex edge seal

Single Mining Filter cloth for Ishigaki, Metso, Diemme, Larox and Diemme filter presses